Here is our handy FAQ section!



Can I come to the brewery to buy beer?

Yes! The opening times can be found at the bottom of each page.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Our Local Home Delivery Service is currently operating within a 10mile radius of the brewery and we also offer a National Courier Service for mainland UK addresses outside of that radius.

Within 10 miles of the Brewery - One pouch or or 6 pack of cans minimum order and delivery charge of £3. Delivered by us on a Thursday

Over 15 miles from the brewery - £30 minimum order (i.e. 2 x 3L pouches) and £5 delivery charge OR included on orders over £60 - delivered by our courier partners













What days do you deliver?

Local Home Delivery Service takes place on Thursdays. For same week delivery, orders must be received by 10pm on Wednesday.

For National Courier Service to any postcode on Mainland UK. Packages will be delivered to our Courier on a Thursdays and are usually Next Working Day delivery, although during busier times parcels may be delayed.

£30 minimum order and £5 delivery charge OR delivery is included on orders over £60.

Will my beer still be delivered by Local Home Delivery Service this week if I order after the cut off time of 10pm on Wednesday?

No, we need time to pick the orders, organise our route and double check everything. Chances are, we've already set off delivering!

Can I phone or email in my order?

We don't have the facilities to take payment over the phone or via email, so either please purchase from our online store, or visit our Brewery Shop.


Is there a minimum order?

For Local Home Delivery Service:

- Within 10 miles of the Brewery - One pouch or 6 pack of cans

For National Courier Service:

- Over 15 miles from the brewery - £30 minimum order

What are the delivery fees?

Local Home Delivery Service is £3

National Courier Service is a £5 fee, or included on orders of over £60.

What time will my order arrive?

For Local Home Delivery Service, we currently deliver every Thursday, Unfortunately we are unable to provide a specific time, but it will usually be between 10am and 7pm.

For National Courier Service, you will receive an email with an order tracking number. The tracking will be enabled from 10pm of the day you receive your tracking number.

What should I do if my order hasn't arrived?

For Local Home Delivery, please note on some delivery days we are very busy and your delivery may not arrive until early evening. Please ring Katie on 07868345228 and leave a voicemail if you haven't received your order by 7pm. It's really important to leave a voicemail, as Katie may be driving!

For National Courier Service, please contact APC, their details are included on the order tracking page.

How often do you update the store?

New stock is usually added to our online store every Tuesday afternoon

How long will my beer keep?

Pouches are freshly poured from cask and have approximately a 3-week life, unopened. Once opened, we recommend to consume within 5 days.

All our pouches and bottles have a Best Before End date on them.

How should I store my beer?

All our beers should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. If you are unable to store your beer in these conditions, please note this will shorten the lifespan of the beer.

Can I recycle the beer packaging?

Cardboard boxes can be put in your home recycling bin. For bottles, please give them a rinse and take them to your local bottle recycling collection point. For our pouches, please check with your local authority as to whether they are recycled or not.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here

Are you sure? No problem! Please email us at

I've sent you an email and I haven't had a reply yet. What should I do?

Please be patient. Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, we are operating on minimal staff and admin time is limited to Wednesdays and Fridays only.

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