Wow what a boring title to a blog post eh? But unfortunately it needs to be done and part of our ethos is being honest with our customers.

When we started packaging our cask beer in to pouches and delivering beer far and wide we never thought we would still be doing it this far down the line. Maybe it was naïve of me, but I hoped we would be back to selling predominantly to trade, rather than our lovely customers who have kept us going over the last 10 months.

So here's what is going to change in a nut shell, with more details below:

- Changes to the delivery area covered by us and minimum orders to qualify for local delivery

- Coupon codes

- Possible price increases

Changes to delivery areas

Currently we will deliver within a 15 miles radius with no minimum order and a Pay as You Feel Delivery charges. Unfortunately due to the time our deliveries take us and costs involved in delivering to you this needs to change. I'm sorry to anyone this affects and I hope you understand why we are having to make these changes.

From 1st January 2021:

- Within 10 miles of the Brewery - One pouch or 2 Bottle Gift Packs minimum order, Pay as You Feels Delivery Charges still apply. (Red line on the map)

- Within 10-15 miles from the brewery - £30 minimum order, Pay as You Feels Delivery Charges still apply. (Blue line on the map)

- Over 15 miles from the brewery (no change) - £30 minimum deliver change and £5 delivery charge or included on orders over £60 - delivered by our courier partners.

Coupon Codes

The "2pouches" coupon code is only valid until 31st December 2020. After this monthly offers will be offered in our subscribers email instead.

Possible Price Increases

I have been told by the people who supply the pouches, that due to Brexit and a possible 6% tax and other costs of importing materials, the costs of the pouches will go up if Boris doesn't make a deal. There is also a national shortage of cardboard (as if 2020 couldn't get any weirder) and the costs of boxes are also going up (the box we send out the Taproom in a Box costs 68p +VAT and P&P, the bottle boxes we use for courier orders are over £2 a box. We don't even have fancy branded ones!)

Our margins are already very tight. We have tried to save our customers money where ever we can. Unfortunately any price increases in packaging materials will have to be past on as we are unable to absorb any more costs.

The people we buy pouches from placed a huge order to get delivered before the end of the year in hope that a deal will be agreed on, but the on goings at ports this week haven't helped matters. We'll keep you updated on this one.

And as always a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. It hasn't been easy and you have all been amazing.