No, really. We are!

You may have seen on our social media feeds last week that we are collecting cans and crisp packets. This started when we had the pub and continued from there. It was just as easy to put our waste in to a separate bag than throw it in to the bin.

With the current year, we've have been unable to make charity donations through various beers sales and through the collection tins at the brewery. And to be honest our cash flow hasn't been fantastic so we have been trying to find ways of helping charities and the local community. Collecting potential rubbish was definitely the simplest.

We are collecting cans for a friend who is going to scrap them and donate the cash to Sue Ryder. There's a few bars helping them and our friend currently has a garage full of bags of crushed cans!

We're also collecting crisp packets for Leeds Women's Aid. They are part of the Terracycle Recycling Scheme that means they get donations for the packets they collect. There's actually loads of brands you can recycle through various methods, most of them helping national and local charities too. The Terracycle website is full of information. Definitely worth a look if your feel a tad guilty about the amount of coffee pods you use, or like me, you just can't get on with wooden toothbrushes.

How can you help?

Save up your empties! Rinse and crush your cans and save your crisp packets. We can either collect them when we deliver to you or you can pop them round to the brewery when we are open (opening times at the bottom of this page and they are likely to increase over the coming weeks). Any can, it doesn't matter if it's the latest craft can from a well known brewery or a can of juice, and any crisp packet (not the tubes) will do. It really is that simple.


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