If you've tried our GeeGee Green Hop Pale then you are probably aware of Leeds Co-Hoperative. If you want to join in or have no idea what I am talking about read on!

We have been working with Leeds Co-Hoperative (AKA Leeds Hop Growers) for three years now. Each year a a group of people grow hops in their gardens, pots and allotments. Then in September we get together for the harvest, weigh-in everyone's hops and brew GeeGee. It really is that simple.

In previous years, Leeds Co-Hoperative have grown Cascade, it's a great flavoursome hop with beautiful lime green flower cones. It's quite a large plant, the one Mike has take's over the shed in the back garden. Other people grow it up a twine up the side of the house or along a fence.

This year, the group have also added Prima Donna, a dwarf variety to the menu. It's a smaller plant, ideal for small gardens or growing in a large pot. The commercial version of this is called First Gold and is perfect for a bitter or stout.

If you would like to take part we have one Prima Donna and 2 cascade plants at the brewery. You can pay for your hops either by cash when you collect your plant or via the Leeds Co-Hoperative website, link here, and they have a Facebook page that has all sorts of tips and you can see how other people's plants are doing. These three plants really need homes in the next week so get going if you fancy taking part!

Not only will you have a chance to come on the brew day when we brew with your hops, we're hoping to run more socials and hop themed events at the brewery with the Co-Hoperative. Nights where we can discuss why we use hops in brewing, how to harvest your hops and how to split your plants, and of course, have a beer.