Updated: Mar 14, 2019

A new brew kit installed at Nomadic Beers, showing the hot liquor tank, the mash tun & the copper.
Nomadic Beers - New Brew Kit

It’s been a really busy time for Leeds-based Nomadic Beers over the past twelve months. After becoming limited in what they could do brewing at Burley Street Brewhouse, owner ‘Gaffa’ Katie Marriott & ‘Head Brewer’ Ross Nicholson started looking at finding their own place & expanding brewing operations.

“We found the perfect place for the brewery just outside Leeds City Centre & got the keys in August” said Katie. “Since then Ross & I have been working hard to turn it into a brewery.”

Nomadic’s new home had been out of use for a while & needed lots of work to get it ready. From cleaning & painting, to new lighting & a new floor with suitable drainage for brewing.

“We needed a bigger brew kit & we liked what Neptune Brewery used when we brewed a collab with them last year” said Ross.

Katie Marriott & Ross Nicholson mashing in
Nomadic Beers - Katie Marriott (back) & Ross Nicholson (front) mashing in

Just before Christmas 2018, a new 12 hL brew kit was delivered with four fermenting vessels, from Elite Stainless Fabrications in Swindon.

“Happy Christmas to us!” said Katie. “One thing we didn’t realise was just how long things would take. Sorting out the premises & the brew kit took ages. The good news is we could still make beer on the Burley Street Brewhouse kit while all this was happening.”

More work was needed then to commission the kit & get the final bits of the brewery ready. Finally, on 7th March 2019, Nomadic Beers brewed their first beer on the new brew kit.

“I’m proud & relieved!” continued Katie. “For our first brew, we brewed one of core beers called Strider. It’s our take on the classic British Best Bitter which we enjoy & know it’s popular with beer drinkers too.”

The new brew kit doubles Nomadic’s brewing capacity & also increases brewing frequency. They can now brew four times a fortnight instead of three.

Katie Marriott digging out the mash tun & Ross Nicholson preparing the copper
Nomadic Beers - Katie Marriott (left) & Ross Nicholson (right)

“Although we’re grateful for being able to get Nomadic Beers up and running using the Burley Street Brewhouse, we became a bit restricted as the kit there is 40 years old & is also smaller” said Katie. “This new kit means we can experiment more with our beers & meet increasing demand”

You can see the new brew kit on Saturday 16th March, as Nomadic Beers will be hosting their once-a-month Open Taproom. More information is on their website & Facebook events page.

Nomadic Beers brewery can be found at Unit 11 Sheepscar House, 15 Sheepscar Street, Leeds, LS7 1AD. The Brewery is next door to Enterprise vehicle rentals, a 15-minute walk from Leeds City Centre & just 3 minutes away from nearby North Brewing Co’s brewery tap room.

You can follow Nomadic Beers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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