Nomadic Beers, based in Leeds, teamed up with Nightjar Brew Co. in Hebden Bridge and award-winning British Guild of Beer Writers member, Katie Mather, to brew a special beer.

Called Filibuster, the new beer is a 4.9% strong, dark mild; recreating one of Britain’s classic beer styles.

Owner of Nomadic Beers, ‘Gaffa’ Katie Marriott worked with Nightjar Brew Co. and Katie Mather to come up with the recipe.

“We’re seeing more people wanting to enjoy some of the classic ale styles, so we decided to brew a mild, which is not as common a style as it used to be” said ‘Gaffa’ Katie.

“We wanted to create something dark and rich, so we came up with this recipe for Filibuster”.

Using Crystal malt, Caramalt and Chocolate malt, Filibuster is a smooth, rich, dark brew, balanced with Progress hops.

“We procrastinated over the name, which is how we came up with the name Filibuster. It’s an American phrase relating to the delay of legislative procedures, but we felt it worked in this case too!” finished ‘Gaffa’ Katie.

Katie Mather, an award-winning beer writer, shares more. “I absolutely loved brewing a mild because it's one of my favourite styles of beer!”

“Although I love most styles, I'm a real ale drinker most of the time, and it was great to spend the day with brewers who were just as enthusiastic about milds!”

“Brewing with Katie at Nomadic was brilliant, I've really wanted to come and brew with her for a long time, so I was super excited to get there and get my hands dirty. The Nightjar folks were also a dream”

Filibuster is available in cask now. For trade enquiries, please contact Katie Marriott, Nomadic Beers, on 07868345228.

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