Sarah, Beth, Kot & Freya from Whitelock's & Turk's Head
From left to right - Sarah, Beth, Kot & Freya from Whitelock's & Turk's Head

On Wednesday 27th February, Nomadic Beers will be launching a special beer called ‘Hiutaca’ at Turks Head in Leeds.

Owner of Nomadic Beers, Dr. Katie Marriott (AKA ‘Gaffa’ Katie), talks about the beer & why it’s special.

“International Women’s Day is on 8th March & as a female brewery owner I really wanted to do something special to mark the occasion”

“I got in touch with Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head to invite some of their female staff along to brew with me”

On the brew day, ‘Gaffa’ Katie was joined in the brewery by Freya, Sarah, Beth & Kot, who work behind the bars in Whitelock’s and Turk’s Head.

Sarah, Beth & Kot inspect the mash
From left to right - Sarah, Beth & Kot inspect the mash

“After throwing a few ideas about, we decided to brew a Baltic Porter. This is a dark strong ale with roots in Eastern Europe”

At 6.8%, this is the strongest beer Nomadic Beers have ever made.

“It was the team from Whitelock’s & Turk’s Head that came up with the name for this beer. It’s called ‘Huitaca’” adds Katie.

‘Huitaca’ is named after the rebelling Muisca Goddess. She was the goddess of arts, dance and music, witchcraft, sexual liberation and the Moon.

The launch event for ‘Huitaca’ is on Wednesday 27th February at Turk’s Head, from 6pm onwards, free entry. As well as ‘Huitaca’ being available in cask and keg, there will also be a selection of other Nomadic Beers to drink too.

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