We are very excited for next weekend. Not only am I finally allowed to eat the chocolate that Mike's Mum gave us WEEKS ago (I have no self control so Mike has hidden it) but we are going to friend's for a BBQ. It's been a long hard winter and seeing actual 3D people, not on a screen or on a door step seemed like a long time away, but here we are.

Naturally we are taking some beer, in the form of a 20L Bag in a Box (don't judge there's 5 very thirsty adults in total) and it dawned on me that you guys might actually also enjoy larger portions of Nomadic Beers.

We will have the three core range beers available for delivery on Thursday or Click & Collect on Friday and Saturday for Easter weekend. If they are popular we will continue to stock both 10L and 20L Bag in a Box beers on the same rotation as the 3L pouches.

How does that sound?

You can find them on the below links

Pale 3.8% session Pale.

Strider 4.4% Best Bitter. My Favourite!

Bandit 4.8% American Pale

Please note 10 and 20 L bag in a box will only be available for pre-order and will not be available for walk-in purchases at the brewery shop.

I can't believe how much beer 20 looks!