As many of you know Mike and I have ran a weekly Virtual Taproom most weeks the pubs have been closed over the last 12 months. We want to thank everyone who has joined us. Whether you are a weekly regular or have popped in once, it's been great to have so many people using the taproom. We have launched beers, cans and had our birthday celebration online, and even logged on to spend Christmas Day with friends. It was supposed to make sure people still had a way to connect with other faces during lockdown, combating loneliness and boredom and I think it was successful.

It's been great fun, and I am not going to lie, a chore at times. For me and Mike it meant our Saturday evenings have been booked out and we have missed other events we would like to have attended. There's been some weeks we have been tired and just wanted to slob in front of the TV. There's been other weeks where the company has been really needed. With some pubs opening on 12th April I have made the decision to shut our Virtual Doors again. And I kind of hope it's for the last time because that means no more lockdowns!

Saturday 10th April will be our last session. As always everyone is welcome. I will be quiz master again and there will be prizes to claim through our online store and in the Physical Taproom once we open (fingers crossed) in May.

We hope to see you there.