Hi all,

And welcome to my first blog post. I recently joined the Nomadic team and as part of my role in Brand Development I will be out and about, travelling around the country spreading the good word of Nomadic Beers. The initial idea behind this blog was to talk about all the places and great pubs, bars and bottle shops I find along the way. However, 2020 has put a stop to that; with Covid-19 making travel and visiting my favourite places to eat and drink hard if not impossible. And now with much of the country divided into different tiers and restrictions; this particular Nomad is a bit stuck. But that won’t stop me blogging and it won’t stop us here at Nomadic, we will continue brewing and delivering our beers to you all.

So here goes, my inaugural blog post is on my beloved hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle and the majority of the North East has seemed to escape the dreaded tier 3 restrictions (fingers crossed it stays that way). This meant we were able to do a dray run up to the North East last week and we delivered to a number of great venues. But I thought I’d give you a run down of some of our favourite water holes...whey aye!

There was one pub that had to be top of my list and it was the pub we were possibly most looking forward to delivering to was the Free Trade Inn. Overlooking the river Tyne, the Free Trade stands at the edge of the Ouseburn valley (you’ll find a number of really good pubs around the Ouseburn), serving great beers from far and wide with the best view in town. You’ll find local legends Almasty Brew Co providing the house cask beer ‘Echelon’, pouring alongside the legendary ‘Jarl’ from Fyne Ales. I’d dare to say it’s probably the finest pint of Jarl south of the border. Anyway, you’ll find these treats alongside a wide array of some of the most exciting beers around. Whether it be a Belgian classic, a pint of local cask or one of the latest hype beers the Free Trade have you sorted. Plus you’ll find Lager’s new king Donzoko on draught; because there is always time for a cheeky pint of Northern Helles.

Next up on our dray run was Enigma Tap, located in North Shields, just a 30 minute metro ride from the centre of Newcastle. Enigma Tap is run by Luke and Abbie. They opened in 2019 and have already become a must visit pit stop if you’re after a beer or two at the coast. They are big advocates of supporting local breweries, you’ll always find beer from Two by Two or Flash House Brewing on tap. Flash House is another must visit if you find yourself in North Shields. We did a collab with them back in 2018, a wheat beer - Inanna. Time for another one? I think so. Anyway, their brewery tap is open at the weekend alongside their neighbour and Nomadic’s good friend 6 Barrels’ pop up taproom. The North Shields beer scene is really starting to thrive. Along with the excellent pubs, bars and bottleshops ten minutes down the road - special shout out to Dog and Rabbit, Nord Bottle Shop, Platform 2 and Left Luggage Room. Next time you’re visiting Newcastle, jump on the metro and give the coast a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We next ventured to Sunderland and delivered to The Ship Isis. We have been a fan of this boozer for a long time and it’s great to finally have our beers on their bar again . The Ship is bringing quality beer to the people of Sunderland. And should be your go to pub if you ever find yourself on Wearside. They run Cask Club every weekday evening where you can grab yourself a pint for only £3. What a bargain.

Whilst we’re talking Newcastle and the North East, I’d like to mention some of our other favourite must visit places to try a good beer or three...

The Cumberland Arms is nestled at the top of the previously mentioned Ouseburn Valley. This traditional pub is one of the most friendly pubs on Tyneside and is home to some really great beer. Its large terrace is open Tues-Sun for all those fool hardy Geordies who don’t feel the cold and they've now re-opened the front bar room so you can enjoy a pint of Newcastle’s Northern Alchemy by the fireside. It’s perfect for these autumnal days. If you’re a Northern Alchemy fan, and yes you should be, then you must try out The Old Coal Yard. Their brewery tap is open most weekends at the moment. The brewery has a great welcoming atmosphere and you’ll find lots of lovely people drinking lovely beer there.

I’d also like to give a shout out to one of Newcastle’s smallest pubs... The Town Mouse Ale House. Back in the old pre-covid days, we had a Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer at the Town Mouse. We loved it and can’t wait to get back. Jon aka Mr Town Mouse, has created a lively community feeling micro pub in the centre of Newcastle with plenty of choice of beers to suit any beer lovers palette, from crisp lagers to the newest sours to big stouts, showcasing the best of local, British, European and North-American brewing.

This past weekend, should have been Craft Beer Calling at Wylam Brewery’s Palace of the Arts, but y'know 2020 happened and although they tried to rethink how to do it safely, alas it just wasn’t meant to be. To fill the CBC hole in my life I picked up a mixed case of Wylam beers, including a Craft Beer Calling glass. And boy was it worth it. ‘The Summer Of Drowning’ an All Strata IPA was incredible. And although it wasn’t as good as being at the festival; drinking some of the best beers around, surrounded by friends and industry pals, and always minding that step (those of you who know, will know what step I mean), it was a good consolation prize.

Newcastle and the North East have a thriving beer scene, and I haven’t been able to mention all the places and people I wanted to. But once it’s safe to do so, I highly recommend a trip to Newcastle to see what you’re missing and experience that famous Geordie hospitality. Oh, and for your inevitable morning after the day before cure: a visit to Meat Stack is needed for the best burgers you’ve probably ever eaten.

Have I missed somewhere you’d recommend? Then let me know. Want to see our beers elsewhere? Then let me know. Want our beers at your bar? Then let me know.

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